Sunday, December 30, 2012


I’ve kept journals before, but when I would stumble upon them several years later I found myself invariably horrified at younger self’s silliness/strangeness.  (they’ve all been thrown out, that bad)  Maybe this isn’t a good example of my impetus for starting a blog, although it is a warning..  I suppose I’m thinking that if I put my plans out there in the world publically, maybe I’ll be more likely to live up to them.  But, who knows.  Maybe in five years I’ll find past self of 2012 silly and strange and try to chuck this one as well.  Live and learn!

I have two goals this blog may or may not detail achieving: 
1: Become an attending and be happy with my chosen specialty (medical doctor(field)). 
2: Show a Prix St. Georges test, preferably on my own horse (dressage test (horse-riding)).

On number one, I’ve just finished my first semester in medical school.  I’ve got a long road ahead.  On two, I don’t own a horse and have never shown in my life.  Similarly, long road. 

 Thank you for stopping by, and wish me luck J