Monday, February 17, 2014

Always behind

That's how I'm feeling right now, anyway.  The 'To Do' list seems to be never-ending, I can never seem to reach the end of any given list before a new one is started.

Two things checked off and it's 2:30 in the morning.. lovely. (to be fair, the Path cases were a Huge task, and my boards questions are almost finished.. so yeah..)
I haven't ridden in the past several weeks, there just hasn't been time, and it's miserable.  I'm hoping this weekend to break that cycle!  Over winter break we had really terrible weather, I tried to ride every day it was above 15 degrees, but sadly that was really not that often when you factor in wind chill!  One Really cool opportunity I had was to ride at a friends' barn, her trainer let me take a lesson on a retired grand prix horse!  That, my friends, was a much needed reminder of why I'm muddling through lower level dressage - it was such a lovely glimpse of what I one day want to be able to achieve / train.  (the canter really made me laugh out loud, the smoothness but huge jump - so cool!!)
I leave you with Valentine's Day French Toast.  Happy February!  Hug and kiss your horses and pets if you have them, significant others should do if you don't!