Monday, April 6, 2015

Scheduling anxiety

I decided to sign up for a twice weekly exercise class, which will start tomorrow evening.

I think a good chunk of my anxiety is due to my now well ingrained tendency to obsessively guard any free time for studying. (MUST STUDY ALL THE THINGS)  But another good chunk of this worry is due to the slow but steadily progressive atrophy of any muscle and good exercise habits over the last several years of medical school (again with the study all the things..).

I have been riding fairly regularly in lessons this spring and am getting ready for a clinic this May. Fear really is excellent motivation...

As we start to work on more fun (and difficult) things I really need to have my end together to expect Teddy to be able to work effectively. If I'm asking him to carry himself well around a 10m circle in the canter I can't be flopping down or collapsing my hip. I am struggling to keep my core engaged and stay stretched up tall, especially when Teddy is struggling too and tries to throw all of his considerably proportioned neck into my arms. Trainer tells me I need to kick on and send him up and out of my hands-- I get this in theory, but right now I honestly just am not strong enough to do this well (I get pulled down from my arms then can't keep my core engaged then can't have a long light leg... it's not pretty!)

Poor little fattie.

Out on one of our conditioning hacks

Ol says Happy Easter!