Saturday, May 10, 2014

So crescent rolls might taste good...

"But if you have them in your kidneys, you're gonna die!  - insert maniacal laugh - "  ~ Dr. Edward Goljan
(his voice haunts my dreams)
(he has a board review audio series)

Studying for boards this semester has been .. draining.  My last final is Monday morning, after which I'll have roughly 4 weeks of dedicated study time before the biggest exam of my life.  Naturally, I have Excel and Calendar plotted this time out, with each day accounted for including a Daily Schedule dictating my hours 7am-10:30pm.  Step 1 scores are one of the largest determining factors in our residency applications.  I'm not handling the stress excellently, I would say.

Yes, I included motivational quotes for myself on my study schedule.  Don't judge.

I really hope I have the fortitude to stick this schedule out for 4 weeks.  I'd like to believe I can do this, and part of this blog is me posting my goals and plans hoping I'll live up to them.  So, future Rachael you better stick to this schedule and rock your boards.  No excuses.  Quitting is for pansies.