Monday, January 28, 2013

Brilliant scientist does not brilliant teacher make

I had a fun weekend trying to teach myself immunology from my textbook and le internetz (thanks Wiki, other med school's immuno web sites, and Dr. Najeeb's youtube videos).  Not my lecture notes, you ask?   Nope, unfortunately our highly acclaimed new prof is a fan of the "Spiral Curriculum".  Have any of you heard of it?  I think it must be for students way above my league.  Basically he free associates on whatever complicated immunological concept comes into his brilliant mind (my interpretation) and spouts off many letters and numbers in seemingly random patterns.  Several lectures later we learn the 'basics' (ie immunology??) that should help us understand the crazy free association lectures... 
Unfortunately this makes studying for his exam tomorrow terrifying. 

Dr. Najeeb, my web hero - seriously all you med students out there he is amazing!  Check out his lectures on the complement system, so clear.

In riding news: My trainer is currently in Wellington, so jealous!  It's also been super super cold here (not to mention above complained-about immuno exam, organ systems exam on friday, and research proposal due Sunday..)  so I haven't ridden since last Friday (can you tell I'm counting the days?  Plan is for a training session/ride on a new horse for our therapeutic riding facility this Sunday, should be in the 40's!)