Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bright light

In an otherwise rather dreary existence. Currently on the renal consult service.

Here is the lovely Teddy (referred to as 'Hank' in previous posts) in a Cindy Ishoy clinic held at our barn last week.  As you can see we're working a lot on basics, trying to maintain a steady contact, transitions, accuracy of figures, etc.  All good things.

Our canter work leaves much to be desired, some of this is fitness (as evidenced by his belly). I ride once a week (more if at all possible, but rarely possible), and his rides w other lessoner's are mostly WT and if canter not any kind of collected 'non-nose sticking way out' kind.

Things to work on (there are lots, here are 3):
1. Shoulders back!  I feel like they're rolled back, but in seeing the video they really look slouchy.
2. Hands down. I tend to carry them a little too high above the withers.
3. Accuracy of figures, all the time.  Cindy's quote "make the figures do the work"