Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 2 of my surgical rotation down, I feel like an idiot I'd say 95% of the time - it's super. I actually am enjoying my time in the OR, I like the procedures and when I'm standing in there I really don't feel the hours ticking by, but as soon as you stop holding a retractor or step away from the table you realize WOW that was really cramping my hand or yep my legs are exhausted or hungry hungry hungry please let me eat (or sleep, sleep would be good too)..

I'm also on edge all the time; attendings ask questions at any moment. I'm at the hospital from 4:30am- 6-8 pm (which apparently isn't that bad for surgery rotations) so study time is limited, I'll try to read up on whatever procedure I'm going in for and scan as much as the patients' charts as I can before going in, but inevitably whatever I've managed to read is Not what they decide to ask. 

As always, Sucks to suck.